Tier 1

Supportive Learning Climate and Universal SEL Instruction

Provided to ALL students in the classroom
Core Curriculum
Measures all student progress against grade level benchmarks
Core Curriculum should be effective with at least 80% of students

The list of tiered strategies below is not exhaustive but suggestive and intended to provide a starting point in the implementation of Tier I interventions.

Examples of "red flags" for moving a student from Tier I to Tier II

  • Student moves from another district with previous interventions/services provided

  • Students moves in and appears to have gaps in learning or very different instructional exposure

  • More specialized assessment data is needed to determine root cause of problem

  • Student is referred to Student Support Team numerous times and specific strategies are provided to teachers

  • Student has significant medical trauma or mental health concerns

  • Student scored below proficiency levels for multiple years

  • Functioning below proficiency levels on multiple assessments

  • Students requires constant re-teaching, 1:1 assistance and individualized instruction

  • student does not meet grade level standards on benchmarks or classroom assessment in more than one content area

  • Behaviors consistently interfere with self and other's learning

  • Student is potentially harmful to self or others

  • Behaviors significantly disrupts classroom functioning

  • Student is not on track for a standard diploma after one year of intensive remediation