Tier 2

Targeted Supports for select group of students

*Before starting Tier 2, it is advised that you have tried Tier 1 interventions for at least 6 weeks

Typically done in small groups with peers with similar needs
Implemented when data shows student not making adequate progress
Evidence-based strategies
General Education students who have not met benchmarks (10-15% of all students)
Strategic interventions conducted by classroom teacher or other trained individual with groups of five or fewer students
Delivery of interventions must be documents

The list of tiered strategies below is not exhaustive but suggestive and intended to provide a starting point in the implementation of Tier 2 interventions.

General Reminders

  • After trying Tier 1 interventions for at least four weeks, it is always a good idea to reach out to members of your Administrative Team and/or Counseling Department.

  • Continue to follow Tier 1 Interventions and incorporate PBIS/Second Step/SEL into your every day lessons

  • Continue to increase reinforcement for positive behaviors

  • Continue to work on repairing and restoring positive relationships

  • If the student is meeting with a counselor, speak with the counselor on how you can provide supportive interventions

  • Continue to use restorative interventions to repair harm, resolve conflicts, and teach accountability

  • Continue to reach out for classroom management support if needed