A Family Guide to MTSS

Some students struggle with academics. Others struggle with behavioral challenges. Still others struggle with both. How do schools respond to students with challenges or struggles that interfere with their ability to learn?

APW Central School District is  committed to helping all children succeed.  One of the ways we help children learn and ensure those who need additional support are successful is the implementation of Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS).

Multi-Tier Systems of Support (MTSS) is a support foundation for the entire student body and community. MTSS uses problem-solving to address academic and non-academic (attendance/social-emotional, behavior, etc.) needs and supports the whole student body. 

It’s well known that parents and community members play an essential role in a student's success. This resource guide has been created to provide critical information about MTSS and breakdown jargon. 

Below, we'll review the basic components of any MTSS process and includes questions you might want to ask your child's MTSS team to learn more about the process.  

We've also included ways YOU can get involved in the process, what to do and where to go if you have questions or concerns.

MTSS family & community involvement: How can parents and community members be involved?