Student Resources

No matter what grade you're in, it is so important to CHECK IN WITH YOURSELF. Ask for help when you need it. Use the resources APW is giving you. Yes, life has been tough and different since Covid hit. Yes, we have no idea what this year will bring.


Tough love time: Just because life is different now does not give you an excuse to be slack, in your academics, mental-health, self-care, etc.

If you feel like you are struggling but you're not sure who to go to or where to even begin, fill out my mental health check in for students form and myself or another faculty member will connect with you ASAP.

Take time to really go through this website and all the resources available to you. This is a time for some self-reflection (and not so many video games)!

When it comes to making the best of a bad situation: Remember, we cannot control the Corona Virus or the precautions our state has put in place. It's all for our healthy and safety. We cannot control who or where we currently live (you might not be getting along with siblings, live in the "middle of nowhere" with "nothing to do", etc) The only thing you have control over is your own actions...let me say that a little louder for those who did not hear...


Choose to make the best of this situation. Choose to be more patient with your siblings. Choose to do your academic school work. Choose to work on yourself.

Resource Library.pptx.pdf

Resource Library!

Welcome to our virtual resource library! Here you will find videos, posters, music and resources for your mental health! Your goals are:

  • To find at least 20 of the hidden links!

  • Where can you find information on suicide prevention?

  • Where can you find the dangers of vaping?

  • Where can you find information on healthy relationships?

  • Where can you find information if you've lost a loved one?

  • Bonus points if you find the pictures of my two kids and puppy hidden in the office!